Once the analysis is complete, I will prepare a final written report outlining your financial goals and objectives, identifying any deficiencies and providing specific recommendations.  I will also present at this time a detailed analysis of the results of the risk tolerance questionnaire.  I will present these reports to you along with my analysis and recommendations.  This meeting usually takes a minimum of two hours. At the end of this meeting, you have two options -

  1. You can decide to accept the plan as is and do everything from this point on your own.   My fee would be my hourly rate of $200/hr multiplied by the hours needed to analyze your circumstances and complete your report.
  2. For a percentage of assets under management (billed quarterly), I will allocate your portfolio and open the necessary accounts.  On an annual basis, I will rebalance your portfolio, if necessary,  and create a written annual review report.  For clients who choose this option, I am always available for questions, advice and recommendations for any family financial issues; even if they don't concern the assets I am managing.  I do not share fees with any other professionals that I may recommend to you.  I have no financial gain in any particular purchase recommendations that I make.  The asset based fee you pay me is the total compensation that I receive for managing your accounts. Once I have your approval to proceed, I will initiate the paperwork necessary to open accounts and transfer assets to Charles Schwab & Co. I can coordinate with other professionals such as attorneys, CPAs or insurance agents to implement my non-investment recommendations.