On Course Financial Planning is an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor.

We offer personalized financial planning services, specializing in financial planning for airline families. The burden of making the proper financial decisions is squarely on your shoulders. Our goal is to eliminate the financial stresses and worries which accompany this responsibility.

OCFP’s investment approach is firmly rooted in the belief that markets are efficient and that investor returns are determined principally by asset allocation decisions, not market timing or stock picking. We believe that attempts to time the market or find managers who can outperform market averages over long time horizons will be unsuccessful. Ultimately, the additional costs of active management will reduce investor returns.

We develop globally diversified portfolios, principally through the use of index mutual funds and exchange traded index funds. Your portfolio will be designed with regard to your individual circumstances, goals and tolerance for risk . It is our intention to design a portfolio that should attain your necessary rate of return while taking the least amount of risk .

At OCFP, we provide all services for a fee based on total family assets under management. This arrangement aligns OCFP's interests with those of the client: We accept no other compensation from any referrals or recommendations we may make.

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with a limited number of clients. On Course Financial Planning will open all necessary accounts and take care of all your asset allocation and investment decisions. You can relax and enjoy your life, knowing that the difficult financial planning issues of life have been dealt with successfully.