After the asset allocation is complete, we will meet again to review what has been accomplished. You will receive an Investment Policy Statement that describes what was done, why it was done and how all assets are allocated.

The ongoing process of monitoring the progress of your financial plan is as important as deciding to develop a plan. You must stick with your plan. It should be reviewed regularly to monitor your progress and determine if major life events necessitate making changes to your plan.

Once we have designed a portfolio that meets your needs, there is no need for you to continually monitor the market and daily economic news. In the monitoring phase, we monitor the plan’s annual progress, not the daily ups and downs of financial markets which can obscure the benefits of having a well thought out plan.

In the end, most clients find the major benefits of this process are -

  • Replacing the burden of the financial responsibilities of life with the peace of mind that comes from having an understandable financial plan.
  • The confidence that comes from knowing that they are on their way to achieving their lifetime financial goals.